Third  Storey

We are currently working with communities to document true stories of journeys in all forms. This three year project combines some familiar Guava themes. Following the project preview at Rich Mix, East London, the full immersive storytelling experience – fusing photographs, video, binaural sound – is scheduled for August 2021.

Third Storey takes up some of the themes of the University Of The First Age initiative carried out with over a hundred school students. This project focuses on journeys of first, second and third generation Commonwealth – origin adults as it weaves together personal narratives of transcultural identity formation.

Stories from the margins
We started with five original stories told by people who live with experience of migration and the effects of global displacement. Each brought something special to them:  a defining artefact and a re-imagined future England.
We profiled participants on camera and reimagined the objects to reflect the hopes and alternative realities. This piece is growing as more portraits are added over the three years of the project, including portraits of relatives of original story tellers from around the world. The piece is made the more powerful since the collective members recording stories and running workshops also share cultural heritage with the original participants.


Common Wealth

Guava associates delivering the workshops have completed the Year 3 programme designed by New Direction for practitioners working with moving and still image. Year 3 is a partnership between Tate, Artangel, A New Direction and Into Film.


The last census revealed the mixed heritage group as the fastest  growing one in Britain for the first time. This is to be a lasting record of the experience of people who make up this singular new social force.

Great that these liminal voices are being increasingly valued. The Preview and associated promotion brought requests for copies of some of the rarer photographs from a university – based history research project and other curators putting together Windrush – themed exhibitions.


Material produced during the Third Storey development phase has already been used for radio, education purposes in schools and workshops. In 2021 at the end of this three year project it will all be archived and will be available to future researchers and curators.

Some of the photographs, recordings and related educational project material can currently be found in archives and collections at the V and A and the National Centre for Caribbean and  Diaspora Studies at Goldsmiths, London University. Post – Windrush generation events, our stories have never been more relevant.

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